About Us

What is FUEL
  • At FUEL we believe healthy eating shouldn’t be boring or stressful. Our meals are prepared with fresh ingredients for busy lives.
  • Our home base is the Little Rock Athletic Club. You don’t have to be a member to order, although we would love to see you around the club too!
  • Some people ask what diet model we follow and to be honest we don’t follow any. Lots of our meals are gluten free, some of our meals are vegetarian but our menu is strategically planned to provide you with high quality proteins, complex carbs, and good sources of fat to help FUEL your body– and we don’t need a label for that.

Read about the dietitian who plans our meals below.

Our Team

Head Shot

Joanna Gregg, MS, RD

Joanna is a registered dietitian and lover of all things exercise, health, and food related. When she isn’t exercising, eating, or sleeping she is chasing after her toddler and practically surviving on coffee and FUEL meals. Joanna completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and her Master of Science in Nutrition at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

“As a dietitian I want to help you transform your eating habits to better FUEL your body so you can perform and be your best every day. Healthy eating can be delicious and shouldn’t be scary. Some people might refer to me as a “real food” dietitian because I don’t believe in diets or the need for supplements. I believe that by staying active and eating healthy, balanced meals full of fresh, delicious, wholesome ingredients we can make being healthy fun and worry free. I love vegetables and challenging my body with exercise but I also love craft beer and chocolate chip cookies. I believe in incorporating all the things that make you happy into your life. Let us help you FUEL your day with all the best things!”